The newest 30A town built around the principles of New Urbanism, KAIYA Beach Resort offers an idyllic Gulf side existence for the fortunate few to call it home. A limited number of residences along with a large percentage of community land dedicated to green space creates a lush oasis where lines between indoor and outdoor living are blurred.

Kaiya is a place of harmony. It is a place where many carefully curated, life-giving parts work in unison to create a life-enhancing and hopefully life-changing whole: beauty, balance, wellness, wonderment, healing, restoration, romance, vibrance, excellence. Kaiya is an ever-growing, ever-blooming, ever-living experience. It is a place to fall madly in love with the amazement of the morning. A place to stroll wistfully through the rest and laziness of the afternoon. A place to embrace delicately the spirit of the evening. A place to kiss passionately the beauty and stillness of the night.